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Necronautical tackle life's big questions with their brand of black metal

British black metal band Necronautical are concerned with life's big questions, but there’s a personal impulse at the heart of new album The Endurance At Night

Discreetly beavering away on the north-west coast of England since 2010, gradually refining a distinctive amalgam of extreme, melodic, aggressive sounds and exploratory concepts, Necronautical have travelled a long way. Formed as a lo-fi recording project by a trio of bored mates named after an in-joke, they now stand poised to release their spellbinding second album, The Endurance At Night, on legendary reactivated label Cacophonous, ready to assert themselves live in earnest and claim their place among the cream of the burgeoning British black metal scene.

“There was never a plan,” emphasises their disarmingly personable guitarist/vocalist, Naut. “Almost everything has happened accidentally or organically. We settled upon the name when I joked to our guitarist, Carcarrion, ‘All your riffs sound like sailor riffs!’ It was very Viking-type stuff! But as we progressed we wanted to get a more sincere, atmospheric, evil sort of sound, and to take the concept more seriously. So we happened upon this idea of ‘necronautics’: experimenting with near-death experiences in order to experience different aspects of the underworld.”

Their self-released debut, 2014’s Black Sea Misanthropy, centred around the theme of “the world ending under a great flood, nature reclaiming Earth.” With The Endurance At Night, Necronautical have expanded their well-worn oceanic concept outwards and upwards, and made it their own. “We talked about astrophysics and the age of the universe, and Matt ran with it – the concept for this album was more his thing.”

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