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Fresh meat: the three best new bands from metal's underground

Ggu:ll, Throane and Cloak: we bring you the best new music coming from metal's underground


Dutch doomsayers get absolution from the abyss

As any devoted Roadburn attendee will tell you, the streets of Tilburg are paved with doom. Emerging from the city’s haziest shadows comes the disorientating, viciously emotional squall of Ggu:ll’s (it’s pronounced ‘ghoul’) debut album, Dwaling: a doom album on some perfunctory level, perhaps, but one that dares to plumb deep wells of mortal turmoil via dense atmospheres and a glowering core of despondent fury. The results are extraordinarily powerful and immersive, but this is by no means a blissed-out, easy ride.

“We wanted to focus on despair, but despair has a lot of shades to it,” says guitarist Gert-Jan Kerremans, of his band’s thematic genesis. “There is a philosophy behind it, it’s called Principium Individuationis and it’s a Schopenhauer thing about will. It also has something to do with the abyssal experience, hovering above the void and transcending and escaping normal life and reality.”

Ggu:ll are already well-armed with pedigree points thanks to the presence of bassist Dave van Beek, a sometime member of Tilburg legends The Devil’s Blood, but it’s a cameo appearance by the latter band’s vocalist, Farida Lemouchi, that provides Dwaling with its most effective selling point.

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