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The White Buffalo: songs of love, murder, booze and violence

The White Buffalo plays Ramblin' Man this weekend. In our exclusive video he talks about getting started, how to get gigs, and how his songs helped guide the story in Sons of Anarchy

Jake Smith, a.k.a. The White Buffalo, has spoken to Classic Rock about his career so far, why his songs were so important to Sons Of Anarchy, and about the common themes in his repertoire.

"There's an endless palette of life to write about, says Jake, "and I like to write about the majority of things. I tend to veer towards the darker, shadowier sides of existence, but then at the same time there's more positive things. There's love and murder and booze and violence, and there's no subject that I really wouldn't touch. I just try and have some kind of emotion." For more, watch the full video, below.

The White Buffalo plays the Electric Ballroom in Camden tonight, and on the Outlaw Country Stage at Ramblin' Man on Saturday. Tickets for both shows are still available.

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