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Six Things You Need To Know About Scorpion Child

Psychedelic rockers Scorpion Child talk music, medicinal sweats and bears

Local folklore boasts strange tales about Enchanted Rock, Texas. Our photoshoot location is said to be a portal to other worlds, and the site of alleged sacrifices and disappearances. For Scorpion Child vocalist/founder Aryn Jonathan Black, it harks back to months spent as an 18-year-old in the New Mexico mountains. “Older Apaches would tell campfire stories,” he recalls, “legends you want to believe are true because they’re so out-there and unearthly.”

Touches of this mysterious hoodoo have transferred into Scorpion Child’s new album Acid Roulette – a rich, primal surge of 70s rock, gothic darkness and commanding psychedelia. We caught up with Black to hear more…

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