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Watch a brass band cover Slayer on flaming drums

A brass band have covered Slayer's Raining Blood in the most metal way possible

Every now and again you see footage of marching bands deviating from the usual American sports song library and covering a 'mainstream' song – remember that marching band that covered Killing In The Name? – but none of the bands seen very metal. Sure, you might have learned how to play one of the biggest political rock anthems of all time on a trumpet, but we bet you don't know the first thing about the Bay Area thrash scene of the mid-80s.

One drum troupe who just might know a thing or two about thrash are What Cheer? Brigade, the 20-piece brass band from Providence, Rhode Island. While brass bands aren't exactly kvlt, the members themselves look pretty metal in their gnarly masks and black facepaint – AND THEY SET THEIR DRUMS ON FIRE.

Yup. They played Slayer's iconic Raining Blood (with added brass) on flaming drums. How metal is that?!

We're off to set fire to a tambourine and metal-up some Motown.

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