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Trevor Rabin on the reunion of three former Yes members

Former Yes guitarist Trevor Rabin joins us to discuss Anderson Rabin Wakeman – his new project with two other Yes alumni – and their live tour in 2017

Is there a concise explanation of how Anderson Rabin Wakeman came to form?

For quite a while Chris Squire [late Yes bassist] had tried to rework me back into the current Yes, but I felt thatmight be uncomfortable and was enjoying writing for films. When Chris passed away I held a memorial at my house, and it was something that Jon [Anderson] and Rick [Wakeman] started to discuss. The loss of Chris almost became a catalyst.

Anderson’s voice is pivotal element in ARW. What shape is it in these days?

Being frank, that had worried me. But I went to see Jon with Jean-Luc Ponty and he sounded excellent. Good god, he’s certainly not suffering from old age.

The notion of ‘unfinished business’ has become a bit of a cliché, but presumably that’s what ARW is all about?

Not really. For me, anyway. All I knew was that after eighteen years of working in films, I wanted to do something [in rock music] and go on the road again. The three of us have already started writing some stuff and it’s sounding pretty fresh.

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