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Seven reasons why you should be excited that Avenged Sevenfold are back

Metal heavyweights Avenged Sevenfold will be hitting the UK early next year - here are some reasons why you should get excited for their return

They're playing huge venues

After making the big step up into arenas and packing one of the best metal shows this generation has seen on the Hail To The King tour, Avenged are going up another level this time around, taking on some of the UK’s biggest venues. The crown jewel in the trek will feature the Cali crew landing at London’s biggest indoor venue, the 20,000 capacity O2 Arena. A 21st century metal band headlining the O2?! Who says the genre is dead?

The shows will be epic

The Hail To The King era saw Avenged Sevenfold bringing more flames, more fireworks and more badass props than ever before, with the grim, skeletal King himself being brought to life from the album artwork and placed onstage in one of the most impressive spectacles we’ve seen. With the band officially tackling bigger venues this time around, we can only imagine the level of theatricality we’ll be seeing from the five-piece. Our request: giant, 3D deathbat drones please. All over the place. And more fire. We fucking love fire, us.

Disturbed are coming along too!

Yep, this is officially a Superbill; David Draiman’s nu metal survivors will be joining Avenged for their first full run of UK dates since last year’s well-received Immortalized album. They like to put on a bit of a show themselves, of course, and there’s the added bonus of everyone getting to lose their shit to Beast And The Harlot and Down With The Sickness in the same night. Can it just be January now, please?

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