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What would happen if metal stars became supervillains?

Lzzy Hale as Wrathchild, Jamey Jasta as Doomsayer... we asked some of metal’s finest how they’d use super powers to wreak havoc on the world

WRATHCHILD (Lzzy Hale, Halestorm)

“I would be Wrathchild, taken from the Iron Maiden song, naturally. Keeping up the theme, my nemesis would be Eddie – the ultimate superhero. My evil power would be the ability to turn people to stone by dancing in front of them. I’m such a terrible dancer, that’s bound to have an effect on anyone! As a sidekick, I would go for The Trooper. He would be mute, though, and carrying a sword, always ready for action. My weakness would be a fear of the dark, because if nobody could see me dance, how could I turn them to stone? As a costume, I would wear what I’d call The Chains Of Misery – an entire outfit would be made from very heavy chains. That might sound impractical, but it would look so cool. Of course, I would also have a cape, and a mask to hide my identity. My lair would the Sea Of Madness, deep underwater, and my heavy costume would allow me to sink down to it.”

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