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Exmortus on why, erm, screenprinting is as metal as it gets

Extreme metal band Exmortus are carrying on California’s thrashy legacy with fast riffs, brutal grooves and... a screen printing business?!

How does a heavy metal drummer get involved in screen printing?

MARIO MORENO, DRUMS: “My first job out of high school was working at [retail store] Target, and I quickly grew tired of working there, so I started looking for other stuff to do. Some of my friends did screen printing out of their house and one day I asked them to do some stuff for Exmortus. When I saw how fun the process looked – and it seemed pretty easy as well – I saved up some cash and I bought a little starter kit. Then I quit my job and the rest is history.”

Was the pay as good as Target?

“No, I just didn’t want to work at Target anymore. Ha ha! I was there for about a year and I think I got a nine cent raise – not even a 10 cent raise! – so I was like, ‘Screw this.’ The screen printing had grabbed my interest and I was playing music in a band and I knew this could help the band with our merch.”

What does a motherfucker need to do this at home?

“You need the press, of course. Mine came with all of the basics for a four-colour press, which meant I could do one shirt at a time with up to four colours. It came with a little heater to dry the shirts. It cost me $1,000 and it was perfect for doing small runs. To handle larger quantities and more frequent runs, I had to upgrade my heater because the ink you use won’t air dry – it has to be cured at a certain temperature, otherwise the ink will wash out and all your hard work will be gone! And you have to be careful you don’t use too much ink or it’ll feel like you’re wearing a bulletproof vest!”

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