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Meet Wild Throne, the alt.rock square pegs on a mission to rule the world

Fiery, multi-faceted trio Wild Throne could well be alt.rock's saviours

We live in times when so- called alternative rock often seems about as challenging as a cheese sandwich. As a result, Wild Throne could well be that vexed genre’s true saviours. Formed in the small town of Bellingham in Washington State, USA, this fiery, multi-faceted trio have resurrected the explosive, post-hardcore spirit of bands like At The Drive-In and Refused and infused it with the untamed curiosity of classic progressive rock and the ball-jangling oomph of metal. Theirs is a wild and exhilarating assault on the senses, and one that grew from a simple love of making a weird racket.

“We came up with each other playing mostly in fucked-up, instrumental, throwing-all-the-paint-at-the-wall music!” laughs singer and guitarist Josh Holland. “We wanted to play as aggressive and fast as possible. Then we started getting into old 70s prog rock and started experimenting, but with a more traditional song structure. That was the model for Wild Throne, to keep the aggression and spontaneity, but to focus it.”

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