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Baroness mainman John Baizley: "To love art is to love life"

Art helped John Baizley recover from a life-altering bus crash, but his passion runs much deeper than that. As the Baroness mainman explains, to love art is to love life

It’s nearly impossible for me to tell when I started making art. My mother has photos of me as a very, very young child drawing and I haven’t ever really stopped since then – I’ve just focused my energies and refined my craftsmanship.

Art and music were always absolutely connected for me, interchangeable almost. I don’t think any of us who are driven to create are necessarily predisposed to visual arts, or music, or cinema, or anything else. I think if you have the drive to create you will find a medium that suits the philosophy by which you create and which lends itself to your natural abilities. But the drive, the fire, the impetus, is precisely the same for music and visual art.

I don’t speak for everyone, but I think that studying multiple disciplines can only benefit that which you’re primarily motivated to do. I take most of my inspirations from literature and the written word; I found that study only has a beneficial effect on my artistic output and I also find when you synchronise, say, art and music, it makes you feel the whole experience is enriched.

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