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Forget their famous parents, Shvpes are blazing their own trail

You'll need no help in guessing who Shvpes frontman Griffin Dickinson's dad is, but to the sceptics who think he's simply trading off his famous parentage? "Fuck 'em."

A buzz is building around Shvpes and vocalist Griffin Dickinson has got two words for anyone who says it’s because his dad is a certain singer from Iron Maiden: “Fuck em.”

Griffin might be descended from rock royalty, but he’s had to find his own feet… and fast. After years of failed attempts to form bands, he took up the mic for Birmingham five-piece Cytota. Within months the band had changed their name to Shvpes and headed out on tour with dance-metal pack leaders Crossfaith. It was a baptism of fire for Griffin, who had never actually fronted a band live onstage before. “The room was 10% over capacity,” he remembers. “So by the time we went out it was absolutely rammed and the crowd went absolutely mad!”

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