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Mudface are on a mission to bring back straight-up, Bay Area metal values

San Franciscan heavy metallers Mudface want to honour their area's grand musical legacy with new album The Bane Of Existence

Any metal band emerging from San Francisco’s Bay Area has a fair amount to live up to. Fortunately, Mudface have already struck upon a winning formula: balls-out heavy metal with big choruses, muscular grooves and plenty of thrash-fuelled grit. As showcased on new album The Bane Of Existence, this band aim to get the basics right and honour a grand legacy with a truckload of passion.

“Some of those legendary guys are our friends. Ted [Aguilar] from Death Angel and I started this band,” says vocalist Chris Dinsmore. “All of these bands gave the Bay Area its rich thrash and metal history. We’ve got a lot of respect for them and have learned a lot about what being in a band takes. No compromises, be yourself!”

Despite a knack for enormous hooks that recall Five Finger Death Punch at their most bullish, Mudface aren’t peddling meat and potatoes. There are shades of everything from Deftones atmospherics to classic metal within their sound. As Chris explains, having a distinctive identity and a broad palette is the way forward.

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