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The Confessions Of Roddy Bottum

Faith No More's ivory-tinkler can’t be trusted with car keys, but he cares a lot about sex, squash and Sasquatch

Have you been arrested?

“Yes. I was with Faith No More, and Chuck [Mosley, first FNM singer], a roadie and I were smoking pot in our old 66 Dodge on a busy street. It was stupid, we were opening up for Red Hot Chili Peppers and had played in a frat house – some anus, horrible show. Can you imagine playing in a frat house with the Red Hot Chili Peppers? Revolting scenario. So we took refuge in the van, and the police surrounded it in full-on SWAT gear. I’d shaved my head – I had a mohawk – and I was wearing a white jumpsuit, and I got taken to jail in that outfit. Everyone in the band passed around a hat at the frat house and collected money to get us out.”

That’s pretty badass. Do you have any tattoos?

“No, no tattoos – no one in Faith No More has any tattoos. I had an eyebrow piercing when I was a kid, but I it’s all closed up now. I think at the time it was very subversive, and then it became rather commonplace.”

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From the archive

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