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Epica's Simone Simons loves Opeth and here's why

Simone Simons – the leader of symphonic metal heavyweights Epica – tells us why prog-metallers Opeth rock her world


“I listen to a lot of other music besides metal, but Opeth are a timeless metal band that have remained in my CD player non-stop for six years. I listen to pop, rock and jazz, but Opeth have aspects of them all, even a few jazzy undertones, so they’ve maintained their spot in my all-time favourite bands. I love that you can recognise a song by Opeth right away. Most bands are confusing because you can hear their inspirations too clearly, but Opeth are really uncanny and undefinable – they’ll never fit into one box.”


“My ex-boyfriend showed me their live DVD, Lamentations, about 11 years ago, and I thought it was a tad boring and the performance was a bit lacking, so I fell asleep! I hadn’t listened to their music properly yet, but I appreciated that they played greatly. A few years later, my now-husband would come around and listen to their CDs with me, so I eventually grew to enjoy the music for what it is. With Opeth, you really have to close your eyes and enjoy the music – don’t expect Mikael to get up and do a little dance! Then again, he comes up with funny announcements between songs that not everybody grasps or understands, but you have to have the same sense of humour. My husband and I saw them in Stuttgart and we were laughing so much, we were probably the only ones laughing out loud! Coen Janssen [Epica keyboardist] and I saw them at Sweden Rock, too; we went out and headbanged with the crowd. It was amazing.”

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