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Deathcore brutes Osiah are probably the heaviest band in the UK

Sunderland quintet Osiah make deathcore so brutal and unrelenting that you might just need a lie down after experiencing it

What’s the heaviest thing you can think of? The likelihood is that whatever it is, it isn’t anywhere near as crucifyingly heavy as Osiah. A band whose take on the deathcore formula is so unrelentingly bleak and extreme that you may need a lie down after exposing yourself to them, the Sunderland quintet are violently redefining the subgenre and turning it into something that audibly ups the ante for musical extremists everywhere.

“We know people love putting tags on things but we’re just heavy!” says frontman Ricky Lee Roper. “It’s a shame that there’s so much hatred associated with the word ‘deathcore’. Most people just shut off when they hear it, but we’ve got no time for ignorance. Music is music. Stop whinging and start enjoying it.”

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