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Fresh meat: the three best new bands from metal's underground

Salem's Pot, King and MaidaVale: we bring you the best new music coming from metal's underground

Salem's Pot

True tales of horror, madness and hard livin’
We’ve all been there: spent many a long night with a few too many beers and too few friends, piling through the Hammer Horror catalogue and some of Russ Mayer’s less-lauded cinematic excretions, probably with some herbal accompaniment as well. Few wake up having formed a band, though. That’s just what happened with mysterious Swedish psych-doom quintet Salem’s Pot, however, as lead guitarist and vocalist Micke explains:“It all started with two of us watching old horror movies all night and listening to 70s music while we were living in a small, doomed town that the idea of doing something together just grew.” He continues, “Movies are very important to us and also a big part of our entity as Salem’s Pot. Not any specific movies, but when we record in the studio I bring movies to set the mood – some that I remember bringing for the recording of Pronounce This! were: Danger Diabolik, Suspiria, Evil Dead and Bad Taste. I like to think of our band as if El Topo rode up to The Last House On The Left and that house turned out to be the house from Evil Dead.”

Formed a little over five years ago, the enigmatic, full name-shy troupe have endured several lineup changes during their short existence, with their former drummer now moved to second guitar and recently recruited drummer moving to bass guitar.

With a lineup solidified and a number of EPs under their belts – notably the 35-minute, two-part Sweeden, which sounds something like Electric Wizard playing 13th Floor Elevators tracks backwards – in 2014 the then-quartet released their debut full-length, Lurar Ut Dig På Prärien, a raw, almost ultra-doom record seeped in the folksy, pastoral doom traditions of these shores. Now, however, throughout their new LP, the remarkable Pronounce This!, the masked Swedes have managed, through some wicked alchemy, to combine their psychedelic tendencies with their love of all things doom. Maybe their achievement had something to do with rehearsing in a former mental asylum?

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