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Tales From The Crypt: The return of The Misfits

From their horror punk sound to their iconic Fiend Skull logo, the Misfits have influenced every corner of our world. And after 33 years, the original lineup is back to walk among us...


In October 1982, just a couple of weeks before Halloween, the Misfits had played a show in New Orleans and decided to explore the local graveyard. Clad in their horror-punk stage outfits and thick make-up, with a bunch of fans in tow, they were supposedly looking for the resting place of Voodoo priestess Marie Laveau, when the police turned up and arrested them on charges of grave-robbing.

“It’s best to leave the dead where they lay!” laughs bassist Jerry Only, recalling the incident today. “New Orleans is full of ghosts and stories of the undead. We were the perfect candidates for the police to track down in the cemetery. I was wearing a leather trench coat and shades, and as I was walking out, the police called over to me and said, “You better get in the lineup, Drac!”

More than music, the Misfits represented an alternative culture and lifestyle, which would permeate our world and the mainstream in the years to come. Despite parting ways with vocalist Glenn Danzig just a year later, in a split so bitter you could slice it, stick it in your drink and call it a lemon, their songs would be covered by the likes of Metallica, Guns N’ Roses, NOFX, Gallows, AFI, Hatebreed and My Chemical Romance, while their Fiend Skull logo has graced everything from shoes to bikinis. Thirty-three years later, the original lineup is being resurrected for two special live festival appearances in America.

“The Misfits isn’t just a band, it’s an ideal,” says Jerry today. “This band has two lives – I call this the afterlife."


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