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Remi Gallego from Algorithm on combining Meshuggah with Aphex Twin

Solo French maestro making a whole lotta noise.

All too often, bands are described as ‘unique’, when in reality it’s only in the strictest, literal sense of the word that the distinction holds. The same, of course, is true of ‘original’, that most treasured of epithets. Bucking all expectations, electronic progressive metallers The Algorithm are undeniably both unique and original, in a way that’s both viscerally thrilling and a relief to jaded critics and fans alike. Started when Rémi Gallego – the brains behind the project and the only permanent member – found his previous band dissolving, The Algorithm quickly became a creative outlet for very out-there ideas.

“I used to play in this metalcore band back in France, and once they split up I still wanted to write music and play the guitar,” Gallego explains. “So I started recording myself using really cheap equipment in my bedroom, and because I was studying computer science at the time, I was really interested in using software to write music. So I downloaded all these synthesiser plug‑ins online and messed around with these. The idea then grew over time – I didn’t think overnight, ‘Oh, I want to do this,’ but at the end of the day it was a combination of wanting to write metal music with a passion for software and synthesisers.

“I think playing live has had a big impact on the music because it made me feel that I wanted to play more instruments,” he continues. “At first, I liked to play the music only using a MIDI controller, and being more like a DJ.”


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