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Sweet Indian Child O' Mine

Two Indian musicians have covered the Guns N' Roses classic Sweet Child O' Mine... and it might be the best thing you'll hear all day

Search for "Sweet Child O' Mine" at YouTube and over 2.5 million results are returned. That's two and a half million Guns N' Roses originals, live bootlegs, homemade tributes and covers, from the sublime to the ridiculous.

The latest to join the long list of viral wannabies is Sweet Indian Child O' Mine, a slick production from Indian guitarist Baiju Dharmajan and singer Girish Pradhan.

Baiju, known as the 'God Of Small Strings' among his followers, was previously a member of Indian prog outfit Motherjane, while Girish is best known as the frontman of Sikkim hard rock outfit Girish and The Chronicles.

The song features guitar lines that are heavily influenced by Carnatic music, the southern Indian classical genre that evolved from ancient Hindu traditions, while the vocal appears to be a more direct descendent of Birmingham 1970 or Sunset Strip circa 1986. Something, then, for everyone to enjoy.

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