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Six things you need to know about Crobot

Meet Crobot: the Pennsylvanian quartet who aren't only rock’n’roll, and we like it

A giggling, hairy embodiment of marijuana, heavy metal and fantasy fiction, Crobot seem like any group of cheerfully immature geeks. That is until you hear them play. Since forming in 2011, they’ve mastered an explosive blend of classic rock, metal and funky sensibilities, with electrifying gigs to match. So it seemed appropriate to photograph them at London art installation House Of Dreams – a place with similarly explosive, trippy qualities.

“I think with our new material we’re definitely stretching the ends of the spectrum,” says vocalist Brandon Yeagley, a softly-spoken guy compared to his hair-helicoptering on stage persona.

“We’re about seventy-five per cent pot,” deadpans Tennessee-born guitarist Chris Bishop. “But it’s adrenaline equally, because we love the music.”

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From the archive


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