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Could mathcore mob Marmozets be the next Slipknot?

Yorkshire’s mathcore mob Marmozets feel a kinship with Slipknot, and say they're set to keep destroying stages and ears

Given your rock and mathcore background, were you shocked to be covered by Metal Hammer?

Becca Macintyre (VOCALS): “The only shock factor was from other people, that were working on getting us into magazines. In the past they would say, ‘There’s no point in even trying for Metal Hammer, you’re not exactly Slayer!’ Ha ha! But I do believe the thing we have in common with metal bands is the hunger; these bands go on stage and destroy. That’s what we do. I have that hunger to shout and scream, because all of us in the rock industry have to work a lot harder to be heard. I feel like there will be more heavy bands coming though, and we stand with those bands with authenticity. People need more realism.”

What musicians inspire you from Metal Hammer’s world?

I love Slipknot, because I feel like I’m part of that family. Obviously with Roadrunner [Marmozets signed to the label in 2013], and because those guys have always been such individuals. And they’ve got such a strong identity. I remember being attracted to the Slipknot merch at a stall in Norwich [where the band grew up], and my mum said, ‘No! That’s Devil music!’… But now look where your kids are, mum! On the same label! You never know where life will take you!”

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