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Okkultokrati - Raspberry Dawn album review

Olso punk crew get transformed by the new wave bug

Okkultokrati’s 2010 debut album No Light For Mass, whilst firmly rooted in the d-beat sound, displayed flourishes of darker, eclectic tastes. Later, these post-punk/new-wave leanings further infected their sound, and now the quintet’s fourth full-length is a genuine album of the year contender. From opener World Peace, a thumping punk charger that owes as much to Darkthrone as it does 80s coldwave, through to the atmospheric and totally synth-created, slowly pulsing Suspension, that owes as much to Ultravox as Black Flag, Okkultokrati have blown all notions of what Scando-punk is clear across the Barents Sea. The caustic Hidden Future harks back to their roots, yet it’s the rousing Ocular Violence – which wouldn’t sound out of place on Killing Joke’s Brighter Than A Thousand Suns – that proves the real highlight in a LP full of them. Stunning.


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