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"Welcome to a dream come true!" – The story of Slipknot so far

Slipknot were just nine nobodies who crawled their way out of Iowa in a rage – before they changed the face of metal forever, of course...

What were your early years like, as a band with so many members?

Corey Taylor (VOCALS): “The older we’ve gotten, it feels like we’re actually finding more in common with each other. When we first started, dude, you couldn’t have picked nine more different people. When we’d go out on the road, especially in that first four years – because we essentially did the first album and Iowa back-to-back and we toured the whole time – we really got to know how different we were and it drove us all nuts, these nine angry men. But we all had our own psychoses going on. It wasn’t that we weren’t friends or brothers, but we were so different, and the only thing we had in common was this fucking great experience called Slipknot, and we were too young at the time to appreciate it.”

After Paul Gray passed away, there was a lot of pressure on you to address the future of the band. How did that feel?

“The great thing about being honest with your fans, and one of the worst things, is that everything you say is gonna be picked up and retweeted and reposted ad nauseam. But at the same time, I’m not gonna bullshit people. At that moment, the furthest thing from my mind was making a new album. Firstly, it was insulting to us and insulting to Paul, but also we hadn’t even had time to process it. We didn’t feel we could get together without that missing element and that secret weapon we’d always had. You don’t realise what you have until it’s taken away.”

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