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Limelight: Thank You Scientist

The New Jersey alt-proggers Thank You Scientist go bigger and better for shape-shifting second album.

“I’m a little worried about surviving right now,” admits Thank You Scientist head honcho and guitarist Tom Monda when asked how big he thinks his band can become. “I’m hoping more people listen to our music, because it’s definitely not easy at the moment. If it doesn’t grab someone in a second, they just put something else on.”

It’s a tad discombobulating to hear that the mainman of such a promising and potent Prog-approved outfit is more concerned about survival than forward trajectory, but hey, that’s today’s industry for you.

The septet released their second album Stranger Heads Prevail in July, and it’s a typically rumbustious multi-genre cocktail of experimental flair, jazzy deviancy, theatrical rock and pop melody.

It’s a tour de force for the New Jersey collective, whose saxophone, trumpet and violin fizz throughout, and another middle finger to the constraints of mainstream music.

Hopefully the music comes across as songs and not a seven-man circle jerk.


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