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Meet Darkher: Yorkshire's answer to Jex Thoth

Like the soundtrack to a fearsome fairy tale, the long-awaited debut album from Jayn H Wissenberg’s Darkher is gothic, avant-garde and utterly bewitching.

Living where I live, I see animals, I see fields and I walk the same walk every day, twice a day, but it always seems different – it’s as though I’m going through the seasons with nature itself,” says vocalist and songwriter Jayn H Wissenberg. “Just like the moon controls the tides and everything is connected, we are all part of this big, universal, beautiful, awe-inspiring thing each day.”

Through her unique perception of the natural world, the confident and enigmatic singer, hailing from the small West Yorkshire market town of Hebden Bridge, creates emotive and sincere avant-garde music.

Previously frontwoman of dark folk band The Steals, Wissenberg launched her solo career in 2014 with the release of her acclaimed EP The Kingdom Field, under the name Darkher.

“Essentially, Darkher started because I wanted to be able to go out with the guitar on my own and not have to worry about the band – just get out there and play,” she explains.

Subsequently touring with acts such as Dead Meadow, Esben And The Witch and Chelsea Wolfe, Darkher’s sound is doomy post-rock reminiscent of early Jex Thoth, and it’s attracting gothic, prog and doom fans, as well as occult enthusiasts.

I tend to write when I’m feeling most open, and the music comes from within a dark place.


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