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Big Country Go Wild In The Country

Bruce Watson leads the birthday celebrations for The Seer

In the spring of 2013, Mike Peters told Classic Rock that he would stay with Big Country “as long as it stays fun and is being done for the right reasons”. So why did he quit soon afterwards?

He was asked to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of one of his own albums [with The Alarm], which would have taken a year. We offered to leave the door open but he wasn’t keen. I have no problem with Mike, and likewise him with me – I hope.

Simon Hough is Big Country’s new singer.

He was a session singer with Denny Laine and Eric Bell. He sounds quite similar to Stuart [Adamson, who died in 2001], especially when Stuart was a younger man.

With your son Jamie in the band do you mind your manners now? At the Giants Of Rock Festival he told you off on stage for swearing.

[Laughs] Yeah, sometimes I do. He looks after me now. Aside from the fact that I always seem to end up rooming with him, it’s great to have Jamie around. He really brings something fresh to the music.

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