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Saga's Michael Sadler: "I try to be a mix of Peter Gabriel and Freddie Mercury"

The great and good of progressive music give us a glimpse into their prog worlds. This month: Michael Sadler from Saga

Where’s home?

An undisclosed location in the States. I’m at my sister’s place in Ontario at the moment as Saga have got some shows up here.

Your earliest prog memory?

It’s a vivid one – the drummer in my first band came back from Toronto with Gentle Giant’s Three Friends on vinyl. My mouth was on the floor. I recall saying, “I don’t know what this music is, but I want to do that!”

Your first prog record?

I had to have my own copy of Three Friends, and then the floodgates opened. I discovered Yes and Genesis – The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway sealed the deal for me.

The first prog gig you attended?

Gentle Giant again! In Toronto’s Convocation Hall, 1974. Their musicianship was incredible and they made the music entertaining to watch. They were supporting Wishbone Ash, but we didn’t want to lose the memory of Giant, so we left before they came on.

Favourite piece of technology?

We use X Keys on stage to trigger sounds from our laptops. They’re these paper-thin keyboard things which are really useful, and look amazing.

Your prog Mastermind subject?

I’m interested in so many things, but I pull myself back from knowing too much about any one thing. I just like what I like, and try to keep it that way.

Favourite prog venue?

The best venue for a prog show is a theatre, rather than a club or arena. I saw Dream Theater in the Hollywood Pantages Theatre in LA: it sounded fantastic and the surroundings suited the genre.

Outside of prog, what are you into?

I love movies: intelligent sci-fi like Inception, the Marvel and DC universes, and I’m a big Tarantino fan. And I got into NFL football in the mid-80s. For some reason I gravitated towards the Miami Dolphins and have been going through agony ever since!


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