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Lionheart: is the NWOBHM supergroup ready to roar again?

Former Iron Maiden man Dennis Stratton on playing at the Rockingham Festival

Bringing together former members of Iron Maiden, the Tygers Of Pan Tang, Def Leppard, Liar and Wildfire, Lionheart were, perhaps understandably, termed the NWOBHM’s first supergroup when they formed in late 1980. Did the ‘supergroup’ tag hurt you?

It did work against us. But our biggest mistake was rushing things. Naïvely, I didn’t check out Jess Cox’s voice, and it soon became apparent that he couldn’t sing. He was always out of tune.

That first line-up lasted less than a week after its live debut. Nothing came easy for Lionheart, did it?

That’s true. We couldn’t get a record deal, and we went from one singer and line-up to another. It became a running joke.


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