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Steve Davis' Interesting Alternative: how compression is killing our music

Steve Davis on why vinyl is still king

In last month’s letters page, Dave Jowitt wrote about moving from CD and vinyl to streaming. Great for convenience but for me, you can stick it up your arse; music couldn’t sound any worse! Let me explain. I never tire of playing my old prog albums on vinyl. The reason? When I listen to them, I don’t get mental fatigue like I do when I listen to the same album remastered for CD. Disagree? Read on.

Sadly, the age-old pursuit of perfectly recorded music, combined with the desirability of convenience, has led to music fans now being effectively disregarded. When Red Hot Chili Peppers released Californication, and likewise when Rush unleashed Vapor Trails into the prog world, fans went ballistic. Why? They were shit! Not artistically, but sonically. The Loudness War (see Wikipedia) had reached saturation point.


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