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The story behind Dr Feelgood's Paradise

Written and recorded at a point where it seemed nothing could possibly go wrong for the ascendant Feelgoods, it proved to be a very short step from Paradise to paradise lost

As 1977 dawned, Canvey Island pub rock supremos Dr Feelgood were enjoying their highest profile to date. With a media-savvy horde of punk iconoclasts gurning from the red-top tabloids on an almost daily basis, many in the rock establishment were casting nervous sideways glances, but the Feelgoods were untouchable. Embraced by the barbarians at the gate for their short, sharp R&B shocks, the brutal aggression of their demeanour and the unmistakable fuck-you shortness of their hair, the Feelgoods were widely thought to be significantly more synonymous with the solution than with the problem.

Their frill-free, electrifyingly live album Stupidity had topped the UK album chart in October (without the benefit of a supporting hit single, incidentally), and with New York abuzz America seemed ripe for the picking. Nothing, it seemed, could halt their rapid ascent.

From the archive

From the archive


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