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Tyketto: "Nirvana? It was just pop music in cardigans"

They survived John Kalodner, grunge and Special Brew – now Tyketto are back with two new (kinda) albums

Originally a four-piece band from New York, Tyketto have played melodic hard rock since 1987 with a number of different line-ups – including one without co-founding frontman Danny Vaughn, whose place went briefly to future Journey singer Steve Augeri. Back together again since 2008, and with original drummer Michael Clayton Arbeeny still part of a current Anglo-American band, Vaughn previews Tyketto’s fifth studio album, Reach.

You co-founded Tyketto almost immediately after Waysted imploded. That experience must have taught you some dos and don’ts?

Oh God. There was a very long list of both [laughs]. [Pete Way ex-UFO/Waysted bassist] taught me to treat everybody nicely if you can, and he was always very good at that. But quite a few other things done back then went into the ‘don’t’ file; I was not built for such prodigious consumption of Special Brew.

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From the archive


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