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Steel Panther guitarist Satchel's top 5 hair metal guitar solos

Steel Panther axe-wielder Satchel (aka top session guy and former teacher at the Guitar Institute Of Technology) picks his favourite hair metal guitar solos

Eddie Van HalenSo This Is Love (Van Halen, Fair Warning, 1981)

Eddie was a technician on guitar, so fucking good, but even though people think that’s why he’s a guitar hero, it’s not the reason they like him. It’s because he was musical. To be a good guitar player you have to have taste, and he was really fucking tasty. That can be very elusive as a player. It’s good to learn solos from guys like him, it’ll seep through into your own playing. I learned to play all Eddie’s shit, I don’t do it was well as him, because of that taste. This solo’s a perfect example – it’s all about his phrasing, his timing, his string bends, his note choices, and the way he landed on those notes.

Warren Di Martini – Back For More (Ratt, Out Of The Cellar, 1984)

Warren and George have so much in common. I think they must’ve hung out because hey both hold their pick hand with their fingers fanned out and both have really cool, unconventional vibrato – instead of moving it up and down they’d move it side to side, like a classical guitarist. It’s not easy to do, I don’t like to do it – I’m way, way not classical! Back For More’s got a killer melody, with flashy stuff in just the right spot. Warren did some great heavy metal solos. And Tawny Kitaen’s on the album cover – oh my god I always wanted to fuck her, until she became a reality TV star…

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