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The Greasy Slicks: raw blues rock from three very sweaty men

“They used to say, ‘Hey, you’re rocking out too much’. F**k that, man.” Ladies and gents, meet The Greasy Slicks...

It’s a bold move to name your band after the lyrics of a Led Zeppelin song (Trampled Under Foot, if you’re wondering), but The Greasy Slicks have the tunes and talent to match their youthful chutzpah. Guitarist/lead singer Jack Kendrew, bassist Nathan Rasdall and drumming hurricane Rian O’Grady were earning their crusts from session work and function bands when they decided to gamble their futures on this power trio. Their self-titled debut album is a blast of blues-rock riffs and raw power, although capturing their bristling energy in the studio has seen the Slicks climb a steep learning curve.

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