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We spent 5 minutes alone with Ghost and this is what we learned

We chat to Papa Emeri-we mean A Nameless Ghoul And Definitely Not Papa Emeritus about their new EP, Halloween and ‘doing a Beyoncé’

How have Ghost been since we last spoke?

“We’ve been very busy! We spent this whole year on the road and in between tours we’ve managed to record the Popestar EP. However, all the release campaigns that we had planned were going wrong [details of the EP briefly leaked] so we had to quickly conjure up new ones. Unfortunately, sometimes things leak these days, so all of a sudden you’re set back to zero.”

How did you get out of that pickle?

“Fortunately we have a lot of people working with us so our new plans turned out quite well. We’re lucky that we’re a touring band and if there’s a leak, it doesn’t necessarily affect us. Dropping the EP so quickly was a gamble that we could afford to take because it’s not a full album that’s taken a year to put together.”

So where did Popestar come from? You did a bit of a Beyoncé and suddenly dropped it.

“It looks like we’re following a pattern of album-covers EP-repeat but that wasn’t the plan. When we went into the studio for Meliora, our producer [Tom Dalgety] wanted us to focus on the album and record any covers afterwards. One song didn’t make it on to the album because it wasn’t done in time and it eventually became Square Hammer. I felt very strongly about it and we agreed we needed to release it, so suddenly we were recording a covers EP that’s Square Hammer and four B-sides to accompany Meliora’s singles.”

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