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Amon Amarth vs Grand Magus: who are the ultimate Vikings?

As Amon Amarth and Grand Magus set sail for the UK, we pit their frontmen against each other in the ultimate Viking test. But who will have Odin on their side?

What would your Viking name be?

Johan Hegg (Amon Amarth): “Grim. It’s a good Viking name in general. Apart from the obvious English translation, it’s a strong Viking name and means ‘mask’ in Old Norse. In a sense, it’s kind of what you do when you’re an artist – you put on a mask to deliver a show. So it’s a fitting name for me. It’s not very funny, I’m afraid.”

JB Christoffersson (Grand Magus): “My first and last names – Janne and Christoffersson – are Christian, but my middle name is Ivar. My father’s name was Birger, so my Viking name would be Ivar Birgersson. The best one was a guy called Gange-Rolf, a huge Viking. ‘Gange’ means ‘a guy who walks’ – he was so big, no horse could carry him, so he was Walking Rolf, ha ha!”

VERDICT: An easy win for Johan, because Grim sounds more metal than Ivar. (1-0)

The Vikings raided towns and monasteries, but what would you most like to pillage?

Johan: “That sounds like fun! I would like to pillage all the banks and all those bastards that make us save their arses when they’re in economic trouble. That would make me a pretty penny, but I guess we’d end up bailing them out again. That’s the problem! I would sell the bankers as slaves to make them pay back all the money they owe us.”

JB: “Probably some really fancy, good restaurants. I’d get some decent food! I know you have some really posh ones in London, so it would be great to pull out a sword and tell them to make the best food they can. And then we’d trash the place, of course.”

VERDICT: We love a good meal, but Johan sneaks this for sticking it to The Man. (2-0)

Have you ever hunted an animal?

Johan: “No, I have not, because I don’t have a hunting licence. I wouldn’t say it appeals to me. I could potentially do it, but apart from fishing I’ve never really done it. Fishing is very Viking indeed! It’s a good hobby, but a lot of people overdo it. If you want to have dinner, catch a fish. But to catch a fish and release it back into the water seems kinda dumb to me.”

JB: “Yes, I have. It was a rabbit or rabbits, to be more accurate. I used a bow and arrow. I was a lot younger than I am now. It was bloody difficult to get them, I must admit. They’re very fast! But if they’re startled, they stand still for a while, so that’s when you get them. And I did eat them afterwards. Hunting for sport is just wrong. The Vikings didn’t do that, as far as I know.”

VERDICT: Sorry, Johan, Fishing doesn’t count. An easy win for ‘Bunny Killer’ Christoffersson. (2-1)

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