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"I write about force-feeding rapists their genitals..." Introducing Venom Prison

Introducing Venom Prison, Wales' new death metal warriors waging war on metal misogyny

Conceptually, death metal isn’t the friendliest of subgenres. Lyrics and artwork are littered with imagery of decapitations, mutilations, and sexual violations, the latter of which is usually aimed at women. Depictions of rape and assault are rife in the world of extreme music, and one band is aiming to turn that convention on its head.

“I know quite a few women that have had experiences with rape, and I know bands that write about raping women, so I felt like I can write about taking revenge, and force-feeding rapists their genitals to turn the tables,” says Larissa Stupar, vocalist for southwestern noisemongers Venom Prison, candidly. Larissa is talking about her band’s new song, Perpetrator Emasculation, which also forms the basis of their debut album cover, Animus, keeping in convention with the gnarly art of death metal legends like Cannibal Corpse.

Animus deals with oppression and politics, and to this day sexism and misogyny has a big impact on our culture – even in metal and punk,” says Larissa. “I can totally understand why these lyrics are a part of the art because bands just want to be extreme, but we need to consider that we live in a society where stuff like that is normal and an everyday life for some people.”

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