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Bury Tomorrow's Dani Winter-Bates on why he loves Papa Roach

Bury Tomorrow’s screamer tell us how nu metal’s survivors inspired him to pick up a microphone


“I was always a drummer in a band when I was in school, and an introverted kid. When I saw Last Resort, I was blown away by Jacoby’s overall persona. It made me re-evaluate everything that I thought I knew about being in a band. People think bands like Papa Roach, Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park almost have that air of, not comedy, but, ‘Oh, they’re nu metal.’ For me, it was more than that. Papa Roach are the reason why I’m a frontman today. Full-on. That is the reason why I changed. I was like, ‘Right, I’ve re-evaluated, I wanna be a frontman now.’”


“I was a skater, and Blood Brothers from Infest was featured on Tony Hawk’s [Pro Skater 2], and that was a big old riff. Obviously Last Resort is the capturer – that’s the one that gets you. But I really liked Infest, and Dead Cell. Honestly, I find it very rare to listen to an album from start to finish and be really into it. It’s a great album. And the production value is through the roof – so much so that it stands up today.”


“He’s pretty much flawless live. They’ve changed a few members, and to have a frontman that can do the same vocals he did all those years ago does show talent, so I respect him for that. Also, he can sing and scream, and that’s a real hard thing to do, especially back in those times as well. There are so many avenues you can go down singing-wise now, and he nailed it back in 1997.”

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