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Freaks and Greeks: tech crew Tardive Dyskinesia are coming for us

Introducing Greek prog metal crew Tardive Dyskinesia, who having conquered Greece, are getting ready to take on the world...

Being a prog metal band in a country where there’s hardly a prog metal scene to speak of – and a floundering economy to boot – doesn’t sound like much of a picnic, but for Tardive Dyskinesia, things are actually going quite well. With the band having recently made it to our shores for the UK Tech-Fest festival, guitarist Steve Lado is excited for their future.

“There’s no djent or progressive scene in Greece – we’re the only band that plays that good stuff!” laughs Steve. Taking tips from the likes of Meshuggah and Mastodon, Tardive Dyskinesia forged onwards until they became one of the biggest names in Greece’s metal scene. “We’re trying to do things outside Greece, but it’s difficult for us to get out and communicate with other bands – we’re very down in the map,” he adds.


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