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Meet Set On End, the band determined to put New Zealand on the map

"It’s hard being a New Zealand band!” Brace yourselves, Set On End are spearheading the Kiwi metal invasion

With their Australian neighbours grabbing the plaudits in recent years, New Zealand’s metal scene is now beginning to encroach upon the international community. Following Beastwars, 8 Foot Sativa and Heavy Metal Ninjas, Auckland quintet Set On End are the latest to emerge from a country more famous for Māori heritage, rugby and Crowded House than its metallic pedigree.

“It’s hard being a metal band in New Zealand but I think we punch above our weight, and now there’s a lot of NZ bands getting recognition,” states guitarist Matt Borsos, speaking of how even a tour to Australia is a huge achievement, let alone getting on the radar of the saturated European and American markets.

After forming and releasing an EP in 2009, lineup changes and family commitments have meant the band’s debut, The Dark Beyond, is only now seeing the light of day. Recorded in their hometown, its belligerent fusion of intricate, challenging riffs and undeniable groove caught the ears of US label Artery, whose involvement is a huge feather in the cap of both Matt and his country’s strong but restricted scene.

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