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Video: Mike Portnoy thrashes metal classics on a tiny Pokemon drum kit

Winery Dogs drum legend Mike Portnoy attempts to play Dream Theater, Iron Maiden, Slayer, King Diamond and more on a toy drum kit...

Drummer Mike Portnoy has celebrated the anniversary of last year's stunt in which he played a series of rock classics on a Hello Kitty drum kit by performing another. And this time, he's thrashing a kit that capitalises on the success of the popular Pokemon franchise.

The former Dream Theatre man starts with the opening drum fill from that band's 6:00 before falling to the floor as the tiny kit disintegrates. This sets the tone for much that follows, as Portnoy attempts to play Dream Theatre's Honour Thy Father and Twisted Sister's We're Not Gonna Take It.

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Net up it's Name That Tune time, as Portnoy proceeds to savage the miniature percussion with Indians by Anthrax, King Diamond’s Welcome Home, Iron Maiden's Run To The Hills, Judas Priest's Painkiller, Van Halen's Hot For Teacher and Slayer’s double-bass drum spectacular Angel of Death.

Portnoy then kicks the kit away in despair. He'll no doubt return with another set next year.

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