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Fresh meat: bringing you the best new bands from metal's underground

True Widow, Kroh and Thy Catafalque are the best new bands you should be checking out this month

True Widow

Dallas’s ‘stonegaze’ craftsmen go against the grain
During a typical workday, Dan Phillips will often stop what he’s doing, grab his phone and record voice memos of himself humming the melodies, riffs or note sequences bouncing around his brain. His co-workers at the Dallas, TX workshop in which he custom-builds furniture are used to witnessing this, the early stages of the songwriting process of material that has ended up comprising one of True Widow’s four albums, including their most recent, Avvolgere. “When we started, I didn’t want to make records, tour or even play shows,” Dan reveals. “I just wanted an outlet for songs. I’ve been playing guitar since I was 10 years old – I’ll be 40 this year – and I was super-sick of band responsibilities. But the more we got into making recordings, it snowballed and here we are nine years later. And we’re all still way into it!” Things have shifted dramatically for True Widow since forming in 2007. Their original intent may have been after-work stress relief, but ever since Relapse discovered the band’s self-described ‘stonegaze’ and issued third album, Circumambulation, the trio have found themselves writing to deadlines and album cycle schedules, showcasing themselves at festivals like Roadburn, FunFunFun Fest and Psycho California and touring extensively alongside Boris, Earth, Chelsea Wolfe and Kurt Vile.

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