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Adopting puppies is metal as f*ck

No matter how kvlt you think you are, you will always love puppies

We all know that black metal has an affinity with cats, but it's time for the dark side of heavy music to embrace puppies. 'But why?' we hear you shriek. Because a) They grow up into dogs, which are basically wolves and b) THEY ARE ADORABLE. YouTube creative collective Super Deluxe have put their knowledge of infant canines and extreme music to good use by creating this advert for the pet adoption organisation Humane Society.

Underpinned by a Burzum-esque track with the same underwater basement production values the frostbitten north used to rely on, we learn about the "millions of dogs" and "millions of cats" from a strange, horned being with a pizza for a face. And trust us when we say you have seen nothing happier than a corpsepainted couple falling madly in love with little balls of fur.

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