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Have Radiohead accidentally announced they’re headlining Glastonbury 2017?

Radiohead's Kid A bear logo has mysteriously appeared on the ground at the Glastonbury festival site. Does it mean the Oxford art rockers will be one of 2017’s headliners?

After months of rumour and speculation, Radiohead might have inadvertently let slip that they will headline 2017’s Glastonbury Festival.

Someone with a lot of time on their hands noticed webcam footage of the Glastonbury site showing what looks like the bear logo from the Oxford band’s 2000 album Kid A being marked out on the grass close to the main Pyramid Stage (below left).

What does it mean? Either someone is a big fan of etching giant animal faces into fields or Radiohead are indeed one of the headliners at the UK’s biggest festival. The band are keeping characteristically tight-lipped, though given that they’ve already headlined the festival twice before, it’s far from out of the question.

Everyone from the Stone Roses to Daft Punk are reportedly in the running to complete the line-up of headliners, though we’d be happier if the rumour that the reunited Guns N’ Roses could rock up on the Pyramid Stage turns out to be true. Keep an eye out for giant top hats carved into the side of a nearby hillside.

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