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Trent Reznor: A Life Less Ordinary

Oscar-winning composer, rock star, digital entrepreneur and visionary, is there nothing the Nine Inch Nails man can't do?

You've never seen Trent Reznor and Batman in the same room, have you?When the Nine Inch Nails captain was revealed as the music consultant for video game Batman: Arkham Knight back in 2015 we too the chance to look back on the breadth of the industrial legend's CV. Obviously, 'being Batman' isn't on there – he wouldn't tell anyone that, would he?

He's Ensured That No-One Will Ever Run Out Of Songs To Cover
First and foremost, Trent Reznor is an incredible songwriter. No matter what genre, any artist can cover a Nine Inch Nails song. Johnny Cash famously re-recorded Hurt and, if it's good enough for the Man in Black, you can't knock it. Sleazy sex anthem Closer was covered by Asking Alexandria, and its refrain was played upon in Limp Bizkit's Hot Dog as some sort of diss. Let's not forget Wish, mind you; it's the first Grammy-winning song to contain the phrase 'fist fuck', and it's been aped by everyone from Behemoth to Linkin Park and The Dillinger Escape Plan to Brand New. Basically, a lot of people like Nine Inch Nails.

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