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"Don’t fry bacon when you’re pissed..." The Gospel According To Glenn Hughes

Keep your head when there’s a gun pointed at it, careful what you do when you're under the influence… And all the other things that 50 years in rock’n’roll has taught Glenn Hughes

He's shared a house with Bowie, hung out with Jagger and has Hollywood stars as friends. He’s travelled the globe in private jets, performed on the world’s biggest stages, been christened the Voice Of Rock and inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. He’s also nearly drunk himself to death, had a heart attack thanks to drugs, and almost been shot for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Life for the working-class lad from the Black Country was never quite the same again after he joined Deep Purple in 1973.

You Can’t Go Back Home

I’ve been living in LA for forty-three years. I’m so American now. I left my old home town, Cannock, in the Black Country, as pretty much a teenager. And that place is so far away from me now. Cannock did make me who I am. I’m from a working-class family. The only child. I got my work ethic from it. I was a studious student and a good athlete. And I surrounded myself with others that were the same breeding. I never missed a day of school. It was a great, loving childhood. But ten years ago I was walking in Cannock, dressed quite normally, and I was chased in the centre of town by two sets of youths in one hour. They were calling names, throwing bottles. I was so freaked out by their behaviour – these fifteen-year-old kids. That doesn’t happen in the United States, where I live. I was mortified that this happened in the town I was raised. I was disgusted. So I don’t walk around the town I was born in any more. It broke my heart.

I’ve Never Bowed Down To The God Of Money

I don’t do anything for monetary reasons. Not a thing. It’s your integrity you lose. When I joined Deep Purple, obviously the money was massive, and I was leaving my band Trapeze, where I was on maybe two-and-six a day [12½p]. But I joined Deep Purple to play with some virtuosos. I’ve never bowed to the God of money. If I did I’d have made a lot more. In my computer room I’ve got the seven deadly sins printed out in front of me – to beware of gluttony and lust, and greed. I live in LA and I meet a lot of producers, and I’m friends with a lot of actors, so I’ve had opportunities to do many, many sessions for lots of money, and reality TV shows that would’ve cast me in the wrong light. But it’s got to be the right thing for me.

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