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Sand's Sam Healy: "There are no facts when you’re listening to music"

Sam Healy has not one but two outlets for his proggy musical ideas: North Atlantic Oscillation, and solo venture Sand. And they both have albums out now...

The North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO) is a weather phenomenon in the North Atlantic Ocean involving fluctuations in atmospheric pressure. It’s also the name of one of the outfits helmed by Irish-born Edinburgh resident Sam Healy, the other being Sand. Both have new albums: a collection of expansive, cosmic and complex music by the former entitled Lightning Strikes The Library, out on Kscope; and a brand new second album of reflective electronica by Sand called A Sleeper, Just Awake, issued on Healy’s own label, Vineland.

Always busy, the musician and producer also has a day job making music for online video and short films, and doing computer graphics. He’s nothing if not prolific and sonically excessive. But then it’s in their flamboyant disregard for economy that artists reveal their true colours. “I think that’s true,” he says. “If you really ‘get’ an artist, you have to trust their judgement in including all this stuff.”


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