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The 5 most metal pumpkin carvings

Taking a look at some of the most impressive and metal inspired jack o' lanterns

It's Halloween, everybody! The time for gorging on candy, bobbing for apples and offending the neighbours with your ill-advised "too soon" costume (seriously, what were you thinking?). But it's also the time for carving scary faces into pumpkins and jamming a candle inside in the hope of scaring children away from your house due to the aroma of cooked vegetables. Gross.

But what else can you sculpt into a pumpkin to make it spooky? Everyone on your street has gone for the giant eyes and square teeth model of yesteryear, but you're a metalhead and you need to show it off to the world! Here are five very metal ideas for your jack o' lantern this All Hallow's Eve – from Rob Zombie to Alice Cooper.


Of course, in our travels across the internet, typing the word "pumpkin" into image libraries, we found some less-metal but very impressive pumpkins you could also try.

Here's Grumpy Cat!

And here is Gene Wilder's infamous portrayal of Willy Wonka – younger readers will know him as the star of the super condescending meme.

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