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Dom's Iron Sandwich: Testament – Brotherhood Of The Snake

Resident curmudgeon Dom Lawson reviews the latest album from Testament

If you're a thrash fan then you must already be acutely aware of Testament's new album Brotherhood Of The Snake. It's a raucous, rampaging record from start to finish and solidifies the veteran's status as one of the greatest bands from the '80s Bay Area explosion. In the below video, self-confessed "arrogant cunt" explains in various superlatives and adjectives just why Brotherhood Of The Snake is an album to be excited about.

Blending old school and new school influences, Testament have one of the strongest rhythm sections in all of heavy metal, and as Dom admits "few things are more metal than Chuck Billy kicking off". It's some of the fastest material Testament have ver recorded and, as Dom puts it, “what a modern metal record should sound like”.

Brotherhood Of The Snake is out now, via Nuclear Blast.

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