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"Water goes up your ass and you’re like, WTF?!" Robb Flynn on his, er, new hobby

Why has Machine Head frontman Robb Flynn taken up wakeboarding? It’s all about the blood, the sweat, the tears... and the water in unmentionable places

Wakeboarding looks sick! How did you get involved?

“Around 1998, I went on a houseboat trip with some friends of the family, and they had a wakeboarding boat. I’d never done it before, but I was like, ‘This looks fucking awesome.’ You’re out there on a boat all day, drinking beers in the sun and hanging out with friends. I was like, ‘Where have you fucking been all my life?!’”

Was it easy to get started?

“Not even close. The first day that I tried it, my friends tried to pull me up out of the water 40 times. And I couldn’t get up! My arms were beat to shit and I was pissed off and frustrated… So the next day I got up and I thought, ‘I’ve got to get out in the water. I know I can do this, and once I get up out of the water, I’ll be able to do it.’ I tried 15 more times, and I finally got up on the 15th time. Once I got up, I ended up riding for, like, five minutes – it was like getting pulled by a dog on your skateboard. It was awesome.”

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